Benefits of Specialised Management

  1. professionalism When considering the future of your property that is worth many tens of thousands of dollars is it not worthwhile investing a little more to ensure that the property is managed by a professional.
  2. market knowledge Dealing with the residential rental market on a daily basis ensures that we are up to date with the current market. We are aware of the supply and demand across all price ranges and are therefore able to ensure that you are receiving the best possible rent in today's marketplace. This knowledge is also invaluable when the time comes to look for a new tenant, ensuring the property is correctly priced and marketed ensures the property will be let in the shortest possible time.
  3. legal knowledge With the various statutes that impact on residential property management it is important that you or your representative is fully conversant with the law as it affects your property and tenants. In addition to the Residential Tenancy Act 1986 you also need to be aware of the following pieces of legislation; Real Estate Agents, Privacy, Fair Trading, Human Rights, Occupiers Liability, Matrimonial Property, Building Regulations, Companies Acts. In addition you also need to be conversant with the local bylaws and regulations.
  4. market exposure When looking for a new tenant we are able to draw from a larger pool of tenants than the landlord acting privately can. Due to the physical locations of our rental properties and market activity prospective tenants are aware that we have properties to let and we therefore have more people enquiring about properties than a private individual would have. In addition tenants that enquire about one property that they find unsuitable can be redirected to other properties we have available. Having a larger selection of tenants allows us to be more selective in whom we place into a property.
  5. credit checking As we are regularly placing tenants into properties we have established credit-checking procedures.
  6. tradespeople Selecting a trades person to carry out repairs on a timely basis that is both of a quality and cost that is acceptable is a process we have been through and regularly review. This ensures that when any work is required you will have the confidence in knowing the work will be done quickly, correctly and at a favourable cost. The volume of work that we process also allows us to achieve a pricing structure that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.
  7. computer systems We operate modem computer systems to process and control our Property Management portfolio. This allows us to carry out tasks such as:
    • Monitor arrears and quickly move to address any potential problems.
    • Schedule forthcoming inspections.
    • Review current rents with a view to maximizing the landlords return.
    • Produce clear monthly and annual statements for the property owner.
  8. no interruptions Forget those late night and early morning phone calls from tenants with problems or the arranging of family or friends as alternative contacts while you are on holiday. As management professionals we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have trades people that we can call out when necessary.
  9. neutral party When problems arise with the property emotion can sometimes cloud the decision making process inhibiting a quick resolution of problems. As an independent manager we can advise you on your rights and obligations and the best way to resolve issues.
  10. accountancy service We also offer a total accountancy service, where an experienced, certified accountant will prepare your annual tax return.
Remember that property management fees are tax deductible
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