What We Provide

  1. tenants We carefully choose tenants so as to provide for successfully managing your property.
  2. references We insist on receiving references and we always check on them.
  3. rent collection We use a fully computerised system which is updated daily. This allows us to quickly identify and non-payment and gives us the ability to act promptly before it becomes a major problem.
  4. rent arrears If problems do occur the following steps are followed.
    1. Phone call the day of the missed payment.
    2. If the matter is not resolved successfully a "14 Day Notice" will be issued.
    3. If the matter is still not resolved, then non-compliance with the "14 Day Notice" will be reason for an application for (a) money to be paid and/or (b) termination of tenancy at Tenancy Services.
    4. If the Bond is not sufficient to cover the losses, after consultation with the owner, debt recovery procedures will be instigated.
  5. property inspections The property is inspected by us at any change in tenancy and at monthly or at intervals according to the owner's instructions. A written report is issued. These reports enable you to ascertain whether any maintenance work is required. Any damage caused by the tenant is repaired at the tenant's expense.
  6. property maintenance After inspections and the writing of the report, if any maintenance issues have been noticed, we will discuss these with the owner and can arrange for this work to be carried out. Such work is carried out by professional trades people.
  7. rent reviews As part of our regular inspections we report on the current rent and its appropriateness.
  8. tribunal representation We are prepared to fully represent the owner at any time when required to attend either Tenancy Tribunal Mediations or Tenancy Tribunal Hearings.
  9. total financial service We are prepared to give advice on the viability of any investment proposal prior to purchase, totally manage any rental property for you and at the end of the financial year, recommend an experienced, certified accountant to prepare your annual tax return.
tel: 0800 21 CASA(2272) fax: 03 328 7569 57 Reserve Terrace, Lyttelton, 8082